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Polyurethane - make it possible

Polyurethane is a so called duromer-plastic, which results from mixing a minimum of two components. The mould can be filled partially (material foams up) or completely (compact at a density of more than 1 kg/m3). A distinction is made between soft, elastic and hard systems although there is no strict borderline. Therefor this plastic material offers many possibilities. Polyurethane is recyclable.

  • Empirically only 30 % mould-productioncosts compared to injection moulding
  • Small manufacturing tolerances possible
  • High stiffness with increasing densitiy
  • Extensive design options
  • Problem of sink marks can be ignored
  • Less costs due to the option of variating wallthicknesses which enables a simplified construction of parts and moulds
  • Option of inflammability (B2 or UL 94 V-0)
  • Accoustic and thermal insulation
  • Elastic characteristics feasible
  • Haptically-decorative surfaces
  • Good mechanical properties and great resistance to chemicals
  • High weather resistance
  • Excellent paintability
  • Also efficient in small and mediumsized quantities

The application areas are diverse

Generally we are able to offer all usual 2-components PUR systems (cold systems). Our production facilities can be adapted or set up according to our customers requirements. Various dosing systems enable a performance of 100 kg in 7 s and our presses offer closing forces from 30 tons up to 400 tons.

Processes and materials

  • PUR compact foam
  • PUR integral foam
  • PUR casting system
  • PUR semi-hard foam & integral semi-hard foam
  • PUR leigthweight-systems
  • PUR energy absorption foam

Fields of application

  • Medical technology
  • Automotive
  • Electrical engineering
  • Machine and device enclosures
  • Transport and storage containers, logistics
  • Heavy equipment and construction machines
  • Furniture industrie
  • Accoustic and thermal insulation
  • Handles and pads

Our qualified employees are happy to assist you concerning matters of processes or materials